Pinnacle Hardware pylon

Large 4m Pylon sign for Pinnacle Hardware.

Featuring bright red ACM cladding and cut long-term vinyl logos.

Meakin Park Pylon - Logan City Council

Directional Pylon sign installed for Logan City Council.

Featuring a high-gloss 2Pac blue finish, Cut letters and logo, replaceable faces and an angled design.

Lioncorp Pylon

2mH directional Pylon/Blade sign.
Custom vinyl decals applied.

Mondelez - Pull up banners

Premium base pull-up banners for Mondelez.

Special glitter gold and purple vinyl added for a nice touch.

All Purpose Transport - Pull Up Banners

Budget base pull-up banners.

Buy in bulk and save!

Auto Protect - Van Graphics

Quality 3M partial wrap and vinyl decals.

We have signed 5 vehicles, and a fleet shortly awaiting.

Cool Breeze Truck Graphics

Cool Breeze utilizing 360 degrees of their trucks as a moving billboard advertisement.

Prestons Super Service - Ute and Canopy Graphics - Fleet

Corporate ute graphics including branding and reflective strip decals for construction sites.

Quality media used to withstand tough conditions.

Taco Burger - 3D Light boxes

A whole store fit-out of signage for Taco Burger, Woodridge.

Including 3D Fabricated Lightboxes with push-through acrylic letters, illuminating a bright white at night.
Other signage included a drive-through menu board, window graphics and metal directional signage.

Total Care Dental - 3D Gold Reception Sign and Frosting

Our customer really wanted his whole logo to be illuminated however, the letters were too small.

We compromised by illuminating his frame around the logo which looked very effective.

The gold 2 pack spray finish on this sign was absolutely stunning with a high gloss mirror finish.

Finished off with window graphics and cut frosting.

Total Care Dental - Brushed Stainless Halo Lit Number

Brushed Stainless-Steel back-lit Halo LED Lit letters.
Installed to tiles and illuminated at night, no one can miss you at night.

Beaudesert Exhaust - Flex Face light boxes

Flex-face (Banner) Lightboxes.
8mx1m and 3mx2m ensures your signage is visible from a great distance.

Beaudesert Exhaust 3D reception sign - Quite an impact!

The 20mm Acrylic was 2 pack sprayed in satin finish.

The sign was pin fixed into the wall for extra strength.

At approximately 2m x 1.5m, it is a highly visible work of art.

Queensland Teacher's Union - Slum Glass 3D Reception Sign

QTU were set on having slump glass for their reception sign. Their logo was lasercut acrylic, 2 pack sprayed with a satin finish. The face silhouettes were multi layered which gave a stunning 3D effect to the sign.

Randstad - 3D Mirror finish Reception Sign

Polished Stainless Steel with 6mm Black Acrylic inset backing letters.

Beauty Lashious - Stunning printed and cut frosting!

Printed and Cut fronting for Beauty Lashious.

Organic Pest Control - Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Quality vehicle graphics using quality long-term vinyl.

We have since signed the whole fleet of vehicles, and many more as Organic Pest Control continues to grow.

Tropical Pool Maintenance - Ute Canopy Graphics

This graphic promotes the high end robotic pool cleaners supplied by Maytronics.
Partial canopy wrap using quality 3M vinyl and our qualified installers.

Aerofast - Large Sailtrack Banners

Installing Large Sailtrack Banners on the entire surface of this fascia saved on the cost of painting the fascia.

The artwork was designed by our in house graphic designer and is very effective.

Long-term UV Coated.

Lombard - The Party People - Sail Track Banner

An Eye Catching banner was wanted for the Commonwealth Games as these premises face the M1 motorway.

This black Sail Track banner with the colourful balloons certainly fulfilled its purpose!

Salon Supplies and Furniture - Black and White themed signage for new premises

This black and white themed signage really stands out compared to the colourful signage on Compton Road.
The Large sailtrack Banner is a very high resolution UV Coated long term banner and the graphic is stunning.
The front fascia Logo is 20mm 3D acrylic in high Gloss Black.
The side signage is Black cut ACM in High gloss.

Woodridge State High School - New Lockable Noticeboards with LED screens

Attendance and house points are the theme for these school noticeboards with custom graphics designed by our graphic designer. The graphics inside the noticeboards have a whiteboard laminate and are magnetic.

Robust and lockable, these are perfect for outdoor use at schools.

We also installed 4 sets of LED screens which are networked though the school IT system so that house points can be updated from the office.

The kids were super excited when we were installing these boards and the LED screens are whipping up a healthy competitive spirit between the houses.

MARS Campers - 3D ACM letters, Window graphics and Sailtrack banners - Signage for new premises

We installed long term sailtrack banners with UV coating for our customer with the view that these would be relocated to the new premises in a few months time.

We were able to successfully re-use these banners and install them at the new showroom.

ACM cut letters with "Cracked look" graphic vinyl along with One Way Vision on the windows completed the new look.

AWS - 3D LED halo lit reception sign - High Gloss 2 pack sprayed

Stunning High Gloss mirror finish reception sign for new showroom - halo lit. Fabricated stainless with 6500K LED's

Wall graphics and 3D acrylic letters added the finishing touches to this corporate showroom.

AWS - 3D external Fascia Signage

New signage was required on relocation of the facility to a new location.

We fabricated large signage and logos for the front of the building and two large sailtrack banners on the side facing the Logna Motorway.

Vulcan - Angled Sign on Frame

Vulcan required a clear sign to direct trucks to despatch.
This angled sign was a great solution!
It was so effective, we were asked to use this design at 2 Vulcan sites!

TAG Tow Bars fascia signage

High Gloss Black ACM against a red background - stunning!

The iconic Aranda Towbars on Compton Road has recently been re branded as Tag Towbars.

As our next door neighbors, it was a privilege to be included in this re brand signage.

Classic High Gloss Black ACM was combined with white graphics to create standout signage amid the colorful signage on Compton Road.

We are now working through the vehicle re-brand.

Fascia sign - Flight Club

New Fascia Sign for Fight Club Jujitsu Gym in Beenleigh.

High Gloss Black ACM with digitally cut vinyl graphics.

Highly Visible from the very busy Logan River Road - this stunning sign makes a statement.

Fight Club is about fitness and self defense and the strong graphics on their sign certainly convey this. Black and red complementing each other!

Compton Centre Pylon Refurbishment - From Drab to Fab!

The modern new look has elevated the complex and will no doubt assist to attract new tenants." class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Our scope of works was to refurbish and modernize the pylon sign at the Compton Centre Shopping complex. We were also tasked with increasing the number of tenant light-boxes.

This included upgrading of the electrical lighting to new LED technology, repainting the pylon, supply of new light boxes and new tenant signage.

The top light-box with the "Compton Centre" branding features 3D, 20mm acrylic letters with translucent vinyl. Tenant light-boxes are opal acrylic faces with translucent vinyl graphics.

The modern new look has elevated the complex and will no doubt assist to attract new tenants.

Bryant - 3D acrylic Fascia Sign

Bryant contacted us to design and install their new signage on moving to South Brisbane as we had installed their signage in Springwood.

For a more corporate look for the fascia sign, we designed a 3D fabricated Acrylic Logo installed to an ACM sheet. The letters were 2 pac sprayed in high gloss in their corporate colours.

The result was impressive!

Bitola Lighting - Printed Frosting

Bitola Lighting was very impressed with the printed frosting of the next door Physiotherapist and contacted Signarama Springwood to design and install theirs once they ascertained that we had installed it.

The customer was very happy with their window graphics and even suggested that we place a Signarama Springwood sticker on the window so that others would be able to contact us!

Burden's Australia - ACM versus Sailtrack Banner

We initially supplied Burdens with a UV coated sail-track banner however on moving to new premises, an ACM sign with a digital print was decided upon as the better option.

Both options yielded very effective signage solutions.

French Nails Lightbox

Our customer wanted a light-box that featured 3D letters on the face.

The face was ACM with a digital print and 3D acrylic letters.

Simple but very effective.

King's Foot-Long German Sausages - Branded Marquee

This Commercial Grade Marquee was branded with the King's Foot-Long Sausage logo.

The robust quality of this marquee is perfect for commercial applications such the food industry and Corporate Events.

Our staff were treated with a sample of the amazing food served up by this customer and it was delicious!

This Marquee is a regular fixture at many food events , Eats and Beats functions and markets. Our customer is so happy with the quality of the marquee he has two more marquees on order.

Firestorm Reception Signs

The Firestorm reception sign was complemented by the Fogmaker brand sign. Aluminium Composite Panel with a high gloss digital laminated print and installed with multi-mounts.

Mobile Forklift Safety Sign

Solving a Safety Signage dilemma with a mobile forklift sign that can easily be re-located with a forklift as required.
This innovative sign featured a welded steel frame with heavy base for stability and u-channel to fit forklift tines. Double sided ACM sign with digital laminated print.

Woodridge State High School - House Sign

Aluminium Composite Panel sign with a High Gloss Digital laminated print for UV protection. The graphics were designed by our in-house Graphic Designer using the School House logos.

The result is stunning and colourful.

Caravan Graphics - Coact Can Van

This refurbished Caravan was given extensive bright new vinyl wrap graphics for Coact Disability Employment Services.

Affectionately known as the "Can Van" she is used as a mobile food and beverage centre.

Full Signage solution. Sail Track Banner fascia sign with One Way Vision and high gloss Vinyl Window Graphics.

Full external Signage solution for Rural Lifestyle Options Australia. A combination of One Way Vision and High Gloss Window Graphics to maximize impact while allowing light to filter into the office. The fascia sign is a high resolution long term UV coated sail track banner.

Businesses either side now want to upgrade their signage too!

Cafe Barriers - Tipplers Tap

Double sided Cafe Barriers with custom graphics. Black powder coated frames with printed banner material.

Posters for Park Ridge State High School

A2 synthetic posters 200gsm

Protech - Window Frosting

Light Silver Frosting cut to pattern.

Beauty Lashious - Window Graphics

Light Silver Frosting with Black & White Vinyl for the logos.

A New Food Concept is Coming to Brisbane!

We are proud to have completed the signage for our friends at Taco Burger, about to open in Logan here in Brisbane!

These guys have a couple of sites in Perth already, and are bringing this unique concept to the east coast as well.

We were thrilled to be able to work on this signage project in Logan, including lightboxes, internal signage, window graphics and a complete branding solution.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of these around Brisbane in the coming months.

Anyone else hungry, or is it just me?

Total Care Dental Studio - Reception Sign

LED lit border and Acrylic letters.

Glass Reception Signage - QTU

Acrylic-cut 2-Pack sprayed letters and logo applied on-top of glass.
Digitally printed vinyl on face profiles for graduated colour." class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

6mm textured 'Slump Glass' in "Ocean Rock" Pattern.
Acrylic-cut 2-Pack sprayed letters and logo applied on-top of glass.
Digitally printed vinyl on face profiles for graduated colour.

Business Card Design

Business Cards featuring Coffee Club, Sirras Consultants, Mansfield State High & Miniature Blooms.

Tear Drop Flags

A selection of Tear Drop Flags featuring Connect Finance QLD, Green Horizons Nursery and Revolution Racing.


A selection of A-frames from Alpha, ABC Dog Training and iHear.

Pull Up Banners

A selection of Pull Up Banners for All Purpose Transport, Mansfield State High & Top Deck.

Beenleigh District Senior Citizen Centre - Wall Acrylics

" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Thank you for you and your team’s hard work to get this within our budget and completed well ahead of schedule - Tania Brown

Jones & Co Fleet Graphics

" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Fleet vehicle signage makes a statement.

Browns Plains Physio - Window & Fascia Graphics

" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Subtle signage that reflects a professional image to clients.

Carpet Court Wall Panel Graphics

" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Signage that paints a picture that helps make people buy.

Relax Airconditioning Vehicle Graphics

One Way Vision" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Vehicle graphics reflecting what their business does.

One Way Vision

All Trades Cut Out Letters

Cut out alupanel letters with digitally printed and laminated print applied to the face.
Stands out looks good and is durable.

Queensland Quality Painting Vehicle Graphics

" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Vehicle graphics where less is more. Simple effective design making this business stand out.

MTA Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics - transform a boring wall into feeling like you are outdoors.
This is an amazing transformation.

Hallway & Bathroom Frosting

Make a plain window in your home a stand out feature printed frosting creates an amazing effect and the options are endless." class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Make a plain window in your home a stand out feature printed frosting creates an amazing effect and the options are endless.

Stroud Homes Vehicle Graphics

These vehicle graphics make Stroud Homes stand out from the crowd.
All the very best Dave, was a pleasure working with you and your team." class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

These vehicle graphics make Stroud Homes stand out from the crowd.
All the very best Dave, was a pleasure working with you and your team.

Caboolture Special School Acrylic Signage

" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Shopfront Signage & Cutout Letters

Thank you Jannette it was an absolute pleasure working with you." class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons">

Our team has just refreshed the signage for All Hair Design Rochedale South.

Thank you Jannette it was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Day One Vehicle Graphics

This van looks amazing once sign written with the appealing and Striking Day One logo. The little ones will love jumping on this bus. Excellent promotion for your business Monique and very cost effective.
Graphics designed produced and installed at Signarama Springwood

Silverstrand Vehicle Graphics

More vehicles sign written and spreading the word about the Silverstrand company. For cost effective signage you can not go passed vehicle graphics and if you require reflective tape we can install that too.

Thanks Kevin and the team at Silverstrand we appreciate your continued support

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