Signarama - win a business makeover

Shopping Centre Rebrand

This local shopping centre was in need of a face-lift to help attract new tenants and customers.
All of the tenants were consulted on the branding for their stores with many asking our creative team to design new logos.
All of the fascia panels were stripped and replaced with new sheets.
The pylon sign had a fresh coat of paint and new panels installed, while the complex itself was given a name to be displayed in painted acrylic letters across the front facade.
The result - a clean, fresh look to boost morale and business.

Wall Graphics

This photo wall tells the story of the Alexandra Park Conference Centre dating back to the 1930's. Look closely and you will see photos of the native fauna found throughout the park, maps showing it's expansion and visitors spanning over 80 years.
Signarama North Lakes were proud to have been asked to help with the digital printing and installation of this amazing piece of artwork by one of our long time creative partners, Nuance Studios.

Not All Vehicles are Cars

At Signarama North Lakes we know that vehicles can come in all shapes and sizes. Branding your company car is important for putting your name on the road but what better way to tell people what you do than by advertising on the equipment that you use.

The Shayne Sweeney Bar Neon Flex Signage

When we were asked to design a sign for this eclectic diner and bar, neon tubing was the best choice,
Using red, neon flex tubing, the end result was as eye-catching as the more traditional neon.

We Love To Make Our Clients Happy

For 2 years we have been proud to work with PACK & SEND Australia. A successful franchise with a wonderful team of owners. The latest franchisee that we worked with was Gus from PACK & SEND Australia to sign up his new premises at Taringa. We were particularly happy when after the job was finished Gus had this to say:

North Lakes
I've had my Pack & Send Toowong store relocation new signs done by Northlakes Signarama and the Artwork and Finish was stunningly perfect. Immediate response from the general public was welcoming with vibrant signage and street appeal. These guys know what they're doing. The follow-up and advise along the process was excellent.

Pylon Signage

Recently Signarama North Lakes was asked to refurbish this pylon to help prepare the property for sale.
With new acrylic panels, fresh graphics, a repaint and some frame repairs - the end result was a pylon that looked like new.

Branding a New Business

When North Lakes Health Hub approached us to do the signage for their new business, all they had was a logo.
The challenge was to use their colours and the bold round logo to create impact and a brand that couldn't be missed.
Working with their Director, our Graphic Artist developed a concept that ticked all of the boxes.
The end result incorporates multiple lightboxes, window graphics, parking signs, flags and a stunning 3D acrylic logo for the reception area.

Truck Signage

Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to promote your business. They allow for your name to be seen by a people wherever you go.
Here at Signarama North Lakes we can provide you with all your car signage needs and this includes trucks. Trucks are one of the best places you can advertise as you can be guaranteed to be noticed. Providing your business with the recognition it deserves.

Miracle Madelyn

Recently Signarama North Lakes was involved in a project that brought a lot of joy to a special little girl. The ‘Maddy Mobile’ was given some special decorations in time for Christmas, complete with rainbows, butterflies and unicorns in Signarama’s most colourful car wrap yet. Maddy is a brave little girl who has been battling many illnesses and Signarama North Lakes was thrilled to have been able to do something that brightened up her day. All of us here at Signarama North Lakes wish all the best to Maddy and her family and hope they have a very merry Christmas.

Meet the Director

As a small business ourselves we know just how important it is to know who you are working with to ensure that you are getting the best quality products. Here at Signarama North Lakes we pride ourselves on having a team that cares about providing you with incredible signage. At the helm of this operation is our Director, Amanda. Amanda opened Signarama North Lakes in January 2015 and has worked hard to grow it into the business it is now.

When she is not striving to provide the best for our customer’s, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and when time allows she can be found either cooking or taking photo's. Prior to being the director of Signarama North Lakes Amanda travelled extensively and worked in the printing industry and in a variety of managerial roles. These experiences have helped her provide our customers with high read more

TAVAS Air Museum

Here at Signarama North Lakes we are proud to boast such a diverse and skilled team. For example our IT guru Darryl is a talented sculptor, recently creating a piece which is now featured in the TAVAS Air Museum. Darryl’s sculpture is a bust of Manfred von Richtofen, aka The Red Baron, who was the highest flying ace of World War 1, with 80 confirmed air victories. The piece was donated to the museum by Signarama North Lakes, where it now sits proudly on display amongst artefacts and restored war planes.
But the sculpture isn’t all that Signarama North Lakes has contributed to TAVAS. All of the signage you see, including the 21 meter long wall detailing the history of Aces, the A frames and the display signage was created by us.

The power of consistent branding

Pack & Send is a company that understands the importance of branding.
From window graphics to fascia signs, reception acrylics and custom wrapped mailboxes, they use each and every one as an opportunity to say who they are.
Recognition of a brand is the key to attracting clients and more clients means business growth.
Signarama North Lakes is proud to be able to help this company grow through providing a consistent and quality signage solution.

Pylon Refurbishment

The existing sign on this pylon was a banner held in place with eyelets. When the last storm tore it down, the owners decided it was time for a refurb.
A new frame was fabricated to cover a central pole and the sailtrack was installed over that. Now the motel sports a smart and professional image to welcome visitors.

Sponsorship Signage

The biggest challenge on this job was working out where to attach a sign to a wheelchair. It had to be clearly visible, free of sharp edges and not interfere with the chair. The wheels were the only available option so we custom made acrylic circles to attach around the hubs. We think it adds a very 'Sporty' finish to the chairs.

Banner Pole Flags

These double Banners form a ring around the Performax carpark with 18 Banners to attract attention and raise brand awareness.

3D Building Signage

This 3D logo for Esco was cut from 30mm Celluka and 2 pac sprayed in the corporate colour.
Fixing to the louvres was a challenge as we couldn't drill into the louves themselves. Instead a supporting frame was attached to the rear and the Celluka was attached directly into this.
The result - a striking 3D logo that can be removed at a later date without the need to repair holes in the louvres.

Interior Wall Panelling - Nicstar

Some jobs are fun to do - like this interior James Bond themed panel to go above a home bar. Printed onto PVC so it was light and easy to install and hand trimmed to fit.
Take a closer look at the fish tank as well - these clients really know how to carry a theme!

Window Graphics

Window graphics tell a story through the use of images and text. Show your clients what you do and attract their attention with eye catching pictures and designs.
Companion Vet Care at North Lakes have used full coverage of vinyl on those windows where privacy was required. Then, by cutting around the animal decals on the rest of the clinic, they allowed in natural light and allowed passers-by the chance to look in. After all, who can resist stopping to look at a cute puppy in the window?

Customised Marquees

Custom printed marquees, like this one for Move On Realty, are ideal for trade shows and markets. Available as x 3m x 3m, or the larger 6m x 3m, you can choose to print the canopy, side walls, rear wall or all 3.
Easy to transport and set up, the marquee is a versatile and practical advertising tool.

Vehicle Graphics with Impact

Impact Plumbing worked with our Design Department to manipulate a simple black and white stock image to achieve this stunning result.
A partial wrap with bold, punchy colours that will be hard to miss when out and about in Moreton Bay.

Signage Local Laws

First off, I must call out that this is not legal advice and should in no way be interpreted as such. Before starting a signage project you should undertake your own reading of the Local Laws and/or seek advice from the Moreton Bay Regional Council or a qualified advisor.

As you read this article look around, chances are you will see at least one sign, most likely more. That could be anything from an estate agents sale sign to the street name on the corner. Regardless of what it is or who put it there, all signs are subject to laws set by your local authority. In our case that is the Moreton Bay Regional Council. Moreton Bay regulates signage through rules laid out in, and I’m taking a deep breath before I say this, Schedule 9 - Installation of Advertising Devices outlined in Moreton Bay Regional Council The Schedule comprehensively identifies different types of signs, their legal limits, and when you need to approach council for approval. It is very similar in content to other rules administered by regional authorities throughout Queensland but with a few exceptions. The Moreton Bay Region was established in 2008 as an amalgamation of Pine Rivers, Caboolture, and Redcliffe shires. Prior to this each shire had its own council and local laws, and many of these continue to apply. Understandably this tends to create some confusion so the Moreton Bay Region Council has published an Advertising Sign Fact Sheet to explain considerations for each area. Simply put, all districts are covered by Schedule 9 mentioned above but Pine Rivers and Redcliffe also require compliance with planning schemes that predated the amalgamation. In Pine Rivers, the PineRiversPlan of 2006 sets out an advertising sign code that identifies a broad range of sign types, all
So now you know where to look the next thing you should determine is if your sign is exempt, self-assessable, or licensed.

Exempt Signs

As one would expect, exempt signs are not subject to approval and licensing obligations of local laws. Schedule 9 exempts signs that advertise a recognized social or welfare interest, or where the sign is required for statutory reasons (building permit signs, etc.), or if the sign is on a public facility or official street furnishing. The Redcliffe planning scheme extends the exempt category to include temporary signs so long as they are within 1.5 metres high and 1.2 metres wide, and business identification signs that are located on the same premises as their use. Be aware that all exempt signs must still comply with rulings governing design, duration and placement.

Self- Assessable Signs

Licensable Signs

Schedule 9 and the district planning schemes are all very clear on what is a licensable sign and their definitions are largely the same. I won’t go through them here but I strongly advise you to be aware of them as failure to obtain approval and a license could cost you a considerable amount in terms of lost time, council fees, and possible removal. If your sign is licensable you must lodge an application to council along with payment of the prescribed fee. The conditions for granting approval can be quite onerous and may require a considerable amount of documentation and planning on your part. To ensure your project runs to plan we recommend that you determine the legal status of your intended signs well in advance of their manufacture and installation.

That’s the end of our short sharp dives into the read more

Flag Care

Make sure the banner has enough clearance to avoid brushing against walls, trees etc.

Always check to make sure the banner is clear of electrical wires, walkways and roads.

When using a ground spike ensure there are no obstacles such as rocks, concrete or pipes.

Do NOT hammer the rotating spindle.

To increase the lifespan of your banner, take it down at night, during storms or in winds exceeding 25 knots.

Cleaning your banner is advised. Rinse the fabric with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and then assemble to dry before packing away.

Regularly check your banner for wear.

Adjust the elastic as needed to ensure the banner remains taut.

Every day check the tip of the pole is seated in the end pocket and adjust it if needed.

If you require new elastic, or any components including poles, bases and reprints contact Signarama North Lakes.

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