Importance of Signs in Schools.

I have been on many private school campuses. It always amazes me to find schools with poor signage along the road as well as directional signage on campus that fails to point the prospective parent to the main office and admissions office. In fact, just the other day, I visited a school and parked in the wrong parking lot and never saw a sign to direct me where to go.

 If you’re a parent or a faculty member – signage is a vital part of your navigation in any facility, and here are a few tips in improving navigation:

Can you see the school from the main crossroad?

Can you find the admissions office?

Do you have a directory or campus map?

The best type of signage, whether it’s for the interior of your school or the exterior, the sign should be integrated with the building’s façade. You want your signs to be incorporated with the campus’s abeyance while simultaneously being instructional. Whether the campus is in a city or rural – you need signage that reflects its location.

Whether it is for nurseries, day care centres, primary schools, specialist schools or even colleges, Signarama Frankston graphics can design a sign in any particular colour or font you prefer, encompassing a traditional or modern theme that will be unique to your establishment. From main school signs, notice boards, information display boards, welcome signs to direction signs for new visitors, we have wide experience in creating computer generated and hand crafted signage that will positively promote your institutions identity.