Just as money doesn’t grow on trees, signage doesn’t simply sprout on storefronts.
Signage is not a one step process. When a request comes to sign companies it goes through iteration of processes before getting installed.

Consultation: The sign estimator will visit the site and ask you about your communication goals, branding considerations, intended application, likes and dislikes as well as your budget and timing parameters. He does all the measurements where the sign is intended to go. The sign estimator then prepares the quote based on all the information collected. The quote is emailed to the client.

Artwork: Once the client approves the quote, the graphic designer creates the artwork . It is called a mock up which helps the client to visualize how the sign would look. Once the artwork is reviewed and approved by the client it is ready for production. 

Production: The sign is then manufactured using digital printers, routers, engravers, lamination, cutters and plotters.

Installation: After your sign is built, you will need to have it installed. Signs going on buildings are installed using ladders, cherry picker and boom lift depending on the elevation the sign is going. All the installation of new signage is done in accordance with Customers, Victorian Work Cover Authority requirements, OH&S regulations and Work Safe Victoria compliant. 

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