Are you looking for an easy, low-maintenance way to get your business and its logo in front of 30,000 people or more every day? Worried about the expense of such a massive advertising campaign? Well, you shouldn’t be. Properly placed vehicle signage accomplishes just that and does so on a budget.

If you need convincing, take some time to look at these statistics about Australian drivers and how their habits affect the value of good signage.

Aussies Love Cars

According to Australian-based research firm, McCrindle, we are a nation of car lovers. In fact, as a nation, we own over 13.3 million passenger vehicles. And we use them; 2 out of every 3 Australians ride in a passenger vehicle commuting to and from work or school each day.

Here’s another crazy fact: the population in Sydney is approximately 400,000 greater than it is in Melbourne. Yet, there are 58,568 more people in Melbourne driving to work each day. What’s even crazier is that this statistic is true even though Melbourne has the most bicycle commuters (25,594) of all Australian cities.

As a result, particularly in high commuter areas and suburbs, the average company car or van making deliveries in Australia has the potential for more than 16 million views each year. Now try comparing that to Google.

Using Your Car to Advertise

If you allow for even something as small as a car magnet to grace the sides of your vehicle during your daily commute you are taking a simple, inexpensive step towards getting your name and your brand out into the world. Vehicle signage is such a good investment precisely because it is far more powerful and less expensive in terms of cost per impression (CPI) than any other form of advertising, traditional or digital.

The next time you drive down to your local Signarama store, take a look around the parking lot. Chances are there is a Signarama vehicle, with a vehicle wrap or magnet affixed, parked right out front. We love vehicle signage, which is why we use it and why we think you should too.